What is Pilgrimage?

Why me? Why now?

The Chicagoland Pilgrimage weekend, formerly known as Chicagoland Cursillo, is a three-day short course in Christian living and leadership. The weekend is much more than a retreat. Many participants experience unconditional love, freely given, and return home more aware of their daily walk with Christ and their role in reconciling creation. The three day journey is a gift and part of a lifelong calling to serve and worship Christ.

The Pilgrimage weekend is open to all Christians, regardless of tradition or church affiliation. The weekend is co-ed. Material covered and practices are consistent with the Reformed, Protestant tradition. Though the weekend is led by non-ordained believers just like you, there are at least two clergy actively participating and available for individual council.

During the once-yearly Pilgrimage weekend (beginning Thursday at 5:00 pm, and continuing through early Sunday afternoon), participants worship, study, eat, pray, sing, discuss, and laugh together. Yes, some may feel awkward at first, but soon many feel awake, energized, and for the first time acutely aware and grateful for being a truly loved, unique, and a precious child of God. No advance study or preparation is required to participate. You need not be a current church member or belong to a specific denomination or tradition. You only need to be a follower of Christ and called to come. Scholarships are available.

Learn more about what happens after you apply to attend, what happens during the weekend, and what can happen after the weekend. Note: these links will take you to our parent organization, the National Council of Presbyterian Pilgrimage-Cursillo.