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What is a Pilgrimage weekend?
Who can go to a Pilgrimage weekend?
Why should I go?
What will I experience during my Pilgrimage weekend?
What happens after the weekend?
Where did it all start?
Where did the name Pilgrimage come from?
Is Pilgrimage related to Chicagoland Cursillo?
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What is a Pilgrimage weekend? (back to question list)
Pilgrimage is a three-day short course in Christian living and leadership. It is a spiritual renewal experience designed to help Christians gain a more personal awareness of their faith, as well as the joys and commitment that faith brings. But, we hope you will discern from this site that Pilgrimage is unlike retreats; it is truly life-changing and renewing for many.

Who can go to a Pilgrimage weekend? (back to question list)
Any adult Christian that seeks an even closer and more personal relationship with Christ; and who desires to heighten their joy, deepen their faith, and invigorate their life in Christ.

Why should I go? (back to question list)
If you are like most, you will be touched by God’s amazing love like you’ve never been before.

What will I experience during my Pilgrimage weekend? (back to question list)
The weekend is centered around talks given by believers like you as well ordained clergy. These talks focus on the basics of the Christian faith and how Christ’s followers can live their lives more deeply steeped in God’s love and grace, every day. There will be times of small group discussion, prayer, meditation, singing, celebration, and lots of food. Many say this is not just another retreat; a common response is that “It opened my eyes in wonderfully meaningful ways and significantly improved my daily walk.”

Comments from prior participants:
“a changing point in my life; I felt a peace inside of me that I haven’t felt in 20 years”
“a profound time of spiritual growth and fellowship”
“an experience with Jesus Christ that increased my faith in Christ and fellow Christians”
“It renewed my desire to do Christian service”
“I stopped being a Sunday-only Christian”
“Since my Pilgrimage experience… how can I be anything but joyful at the thought of living for Him and listening for His call on my life?”
“Pilgrimage was unique in that it wasn’t only talking about God or reading about God – it was also experiencing the love of God in such a tangible manner throughout the entire weeken

What happens after my Pilgrimage weekend? (back to question list)
The weekend is only part of your possible renewal journey. What you learn and share during the weekend will hopefully be practiced in your local congregation and community. You will be supported by many others who have attended before and / or that attend with you. You will be invited to participate in small groups that meet regularly (as the group decides). The goal of these small groups is to edify one another and to share and strengthen yours and other’s walk in the Christian life of Grace. You will also be invited to regular events (often pot-lucks) where the larger community gathers together for times of singing, devotion, and renewal. Together, these activities frequently inspire, challenge, and encourage continued Christian action and personal development.

Where did it all start? (back to question list)
The Roman Catholic Church in Spain developed this short course (called Cursillo, pronounced /kur-SEE-yo/) more than 60 years ago in order to renew and invigorate faith. Over time, the short-course spread across continents and denominations and thus is known by a variety of names such as Pilgrimage, Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, and the Great Banquet.

Where did the name Pilgrimage come from? (back to question list)
Pilgrimage is an outgrowth of the Roman Catholic Cursillo movement. The Presbyterian Church became involved with Cursillo in the late 1970s, and began holding Presbyterian Cursillo weekends in many communities throughout the U.S. In the 1990s, the movement began using the name Presbyterian Pilgrimage. In 2020, the name was shortened to Pilgrimage in order to reflect our ecumenical mission where all believers in Christ are welcome regardless of their tradition.

Is Pilgrimage related to Chicagoland Cursillo? (back to question list)
After much prayer and consideration, the Chicagoland Presbyterian Cursillo Community decided upon the name Pilgrimage. This move allows Christians from all denominations and traditions to participate.

The Cursillo approach endures!
Despite the name change, we continue in the tradition of Cursillo. The name change is simply a mechanism that allows broader participation.