Pilgrimage Experiences

Short P I L G R I M A G E experiences


Prayers, people, pilgrimage, process, purpose, praise, presence, promises, patience, piety, Philippians 4:4-7, I Peter 1:6, profound, photo, Psalm 19:105, personalized, perfecto, parties, particulars


Invitation, image of God, Isaiah 30:31, infusion, Isaiah 43:1, ideals, inspiration, intentionality


Love, love, love, liberation, Lord, leadership, light of Christ, Lamp to my feet, life in Christ, Luke 10:27, labyrinth, lake, liminal, letters


Glory of God, greetings, good times, gifts galore, GLYASDI (God love you and so do I), generosity, Godicity, guides, gorgeous environs, gardens, God-smacked, gazillion thanks


Rejoice and be glad in it, repeating name (He has called you by name and you are his), refreshment, rejuvenation, reminders, release resistance, renewal, resurrection, renewal group, resources, responses, risk, roommate, Romans 8:39


Intentionality, invigorated, in His glory and presence, inspired


Messages (times 15 and then some more), monarchs, mentors, mercy, meals, memories, majesty, magnificent


Abiding presence, abiding friends, authenticity, amazing, action, accepted, agape, anointing, angels, applications, Acts of the apostles, ask (Matthew 7:7), anchor, assemblies, awesome, again and again and again


Grace, growth, glory, guidance, going (keep going, Ultreya!), goodness, God, generative, God-ordained


Experiential, encouraging, exciting, encounters, ecclesia, evangelize, environment, eating, enjoyable, energy,

Everything else: family, volunteers, sisters in Christ, brothers in Christ, blessings, surprises, service, Christ, Trust, Journey, called by name, music, joy-filled, Holy Spirit, heart, songs, thorough, welcoming, snacks, sharing, silence, trembling, touched, story, overwhelming, joy-filled, crosses, decor, details, lessons, sacramental, stages of Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday, cross adornments (sashes, lights), sunrise, singing, divine, scripture, word, teamwork, helpers, helpers, helpers, sacrifice, communion (and I’m sure I could go on and on. XOXOXOXO)

Other participant experiences:

For the more than 20 years, Christians in the Chicagoland area have attended Pilgrimage (Cursillo) weekends. Many experience profound spiritual growth and renewal of their individual faith journey that pours forth into their local church and community. We hope that you will consider joining fellow Christians in the Chicagoland area for our next Pilgrimage weekend.

Thanks to wonderful clergy, lay leaders and fellow participants, I’m certain about unconditional love and, that as Christians, we are all so similar in God’s eyes. While it’s hard for most of us to find the time to attend Pilgrimage, it is a gift that will keep on giving. The DeKoven Center provides a truly spiritual experience. For me, the time in the chapel and being next to Lake Michigan helped me feel stronger in my walk.

I’ve been a practicing Christian for some time, but it was at a Pilgrimage weekend where I first felt and understood God’s unconditional love for me. That love has changed and continues to change every aspect of my life! I can think of no other weekend that allows people to experience God’s grace and love in such a tangible way through various means which engage all the senses.

Pilgrimage provided the opportunity to fill my cup and renew the connection to the true giver through the activities and ministrations of other believers. The music ministry was both relaxing and rejuvenating. Individual testimonies on common, ordinary events helped me to see God in everyday situations.

Read and hear more experiences from both ordained and non-ordained participants (note link transfers you to our parent organization, the National Council of Presbyterian Pilgrimage-Cursillo.